The churches of Classis Columbia have banded together to help churches in our Classis re-imagine what God can do in their midst.  We have created a Health and Renewal grant program which will match $2 for every $1 raised by the local church. Churches can apply for whatever amount is appropriate for them, up to $30,000, and use the proceeds to revitalize some portion of their local ministry.

The Sunrise Story:

Sunrise Church in McMinnville was the first to receive this grant.  Hear how God using it to reshape and reinvigorate their ministry.

How can you help?

Classis Columbia received a matching grant of $15,000 to help make this new ministry possible. We need your help to match this amount to fully fund this grant. Please ask your local congregation how you will join together to utilize this opportunity to partner with fellow Christians in advancing the Gospel of Jesus in this way!

How can your church apply for a grant?

Classis Columbia (which remember is simply the sum of the people who worship at the 20 churches within the classis) encourages churches to consider how to renew, revitalize, or otherwise be involved in ministry. Maybe your church is not struggling, but is there some life-changing opportunity your church (i.e. the people of God who worship and do ministry together) could embrace if more funds were available? That’s what this grant is about – revitalizing the health of a local congregation to help that local church be about their mission – life transformation through the work of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Please read the two grant applications for more information. You are free to apply for one or the other or both. The classis form is modeled on the denominational form for the ease of those filling out the request.