Classis Columbia

Classis Columbia is a group of Christian Reformed Churches in Eastern Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  We believe we are better together.  We work hard to plant new churches and encourage healthier local congregations.

Classis Columbia Churches

The Classis Columbia is an affiliation of congregations in Eastern Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  The classis gets its name because the majority of its churches lie along the path of the beautiful Columbia River.

CRCNA: Our Denomination

Classis Columbia is a part of the Christian Reformed Church of North America (CRCNA). It is a diverse family of congregations, and ministries expressing the good news of God’s kingdom that transforms lives.


To help our churches work together, we have created a section of our site that is private.  It contains a number of files that  help deacons, elders, and pastors collaborate and form effective ministries.