If your church needs a new website or wants to revamp their old one, the choices can be overwhelming.  There are just so many options out there.  If you are completely new to website design, we recommend that you read this post from Church Webtoolkit that explains the three main components to creating a new website.  If you are familiar with the general concepts, keep reading.

There are many web site companies out there that you can chose from.  Each company does things slightly different things.   Some create things from scratch.  Others modify themes (generic websites) or have created their own unique way for you to modify a theme.

To help you understand your options, ChurchWebToolkit have . .

  •  Divided the different types of companies into categories (or routes) and briefly explained what they do.
  • Created a list of questions to consider which might be your best option.
  • Developed a comparison chart below that lists prices and some of pros and cons of the companies our friends have used.

This exert was used by permission from ChurchWebToolkit.  Click to read more here.